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Anthony Session (aka "The Mad Bus Driver") was born and raised in St Louis, the middle child of eight children. His parents, James and Sarah Session, enrolled Anthony in music school when he was four until they couldn't take the beating of the pots and pans anymore! His main musical influences were Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Duke Ellington, and Count Basie. He aspired to be a Big Band swing jazz drummer. His biggest comedic influence has been the legendary Dick Gregory, another St. Louis native, who opened the doors for great comics like Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, and Red Foxx.


Anthony was stationed in the Army at Fort Lewis, Washington for three years, working for the finance and accounting office. Even at the young age of seventeen his comedic talent began revealing itself. He could talk his way out of getting an Article 15 by making his superiors laugh so hard they'd say get away from us and don't do it, "No Moe!!!"


"The Mad Bus Driver" was born out of his twenty-two years of driving for King County Metro and his unique and hilarious ability to share with his audiences what he has seen and experienced from the driver's seat.

 "Bro.....I can't even remember when I laughed that hard!" 

Mac Kuts, St. Louis

"I heard about him and then saw him at The Tacoma Comedy Club on a Wednesday night. You would have thought it was Saturday Night Live! He shut it down!"

Darryl Horne

"A man will come to respect the power of a woman after The Mad Bus Driver breaks it down. He's SOOO funny!!!"

Debra Singleton

"Watching him takes you back to when comedians could make you laugh at yourself without all that shock and unnecessary mean-ness!!!"

Diana Tate

"Excellent storytelling and message that people need to hear....and laugh with....while learning some-thing!"

Greg, South St. Louis

 Mac Kuts

St. Louis

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